Kids Hair Cuts

For ages 0 to 12

Kids are an important part of any barber’s clientele.

There’s a bond that’s created between a boy and his barber that has the potential to last for years, decades, and even generations.

I’m honored to give a child his first haircut and take that privilege seriously.

The same can be said for the relationship I strive to build with his mother and father. Their trust means everything to me and my business.

Kids Haircut Services

Classic and modern styles:

Ages 6 & Under: $20
Ages 6 to 12: $23

  • Crew Cuts
  • Taper Cuts
  • Scissor Cuts
  • Clipper Cuts
  • Fades

Burr / Buzz Cuts:

Ages 0 to 12: $20


Ages 0 to 12: $7

“Todd makes getting a haircut fun!
He always gives me a treat when I go. And my favorite part is when he puts aftershave on me. He gives me swag!”
Samuel Rinck (kid)
“As a toddler, my son hated getting haircuts. I would put them off because it was such a hassle.
Samuel was about 3 years old when I first took him to see Todd. This was the first haircut where Samuel did not scream and cry, and actually enjoyed himself.
Todd made him feel like a big kid and Samuel has been one of his clients ever since.”
Susi Rinck (Mom)
“My son loves Todd.
Not only does he give a great haircut, he makes Ashton feel like he is one of. the guys.
For almost five years, Ashton has always left the barber shop with a fantastic cut and a big smile!”
Katie May (Mom)

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